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Rebasing is a procedure that might be recommended when your denture’s teeth remain intact and the base of your dentures is worn and misshapen. This process replaces the entire acrylic base of the dentures, providing a new and stable frame for the teeth to sit in without having to replace the entire denture. A rebase includes replacing the inner lining of the denture, but also includes the structural base where the denture is attached to implants.

A Denture Rebase is necessary when

  • The denture is broken or damaged.
  • The denture base is old or weakened.
  • The transition between an immediate denture to a permanent denture is taking place

Denture Repairs

Some circumstances result in a need for a Denture Repair, and should be addressed as soon as possible. The circumstances include a fracture or damage to a denture that is relatively new and does not need replacement. Repairs are a way for our patient’s dentures to be restored to their full capabilities without having to replace the entire denture. My Family Dentist Garland can often provide denture repair on the same day as you incident. If you have an issue with your denture, schedule an immediate appointment so that we can assess the damage and make recommendations for repairs or replacement.

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