Implant Retained Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with implant retained dentures

Implant Retained Dentures - My Family Dentist Garland

When a tooth is lost, it is always best to replace this tooth. Having missing teeth can affect your bite and can cause muscle pain and headaches. In short, having missing teeth puts more burden on the remaining teeth and is not good for the overall health of your mouth. In addition, patients with missing teeth often experience embarrassment or a lack of overall confidence. An implant retained denture is a good option for patients dealing with these issues.

While most patients have no issues wearing upper dentures, it is more common for patients to struggle with lower dentures. We offer several implant-supported denture options for the lower teeth which can result in increased overall comfort based on your specific needs.

For patients who are missing all of their bottom teeth

Ball Attachment Denture

One option for patients who are missing all of their bottom teeth is using a system of ball attachment implants. This process involves placing two implants into the lower jaw which is designed to fit your custom dentures. These implants allow your dentures to fit tightly and to remain relatively stable during chewing. This option reduces the amount of movement in your lower denture and can reduce the amount of sore spots that occur when food gets caught underneath the dentures. Periodic appointments are still necessary for adjusting your dentures to create the best possible fit.

Bar Attachment Denture

Bar Attachments allow your dentures to fit firmly in place and are a better option for jaw support and for comfortable chewing. However, this procedure required 4 to 6 implants and can only be used on patients with a larger jaw-size. These implants are connected with a custom made bar and are the base for your dentures. Dentures connect to the bar with internal retention clips which allow the dentures to snap firmly into place. This option, often called an “overdenture,” is advantageous because it is much more stable than a standard ball attachment denture. The dentures are still removable for cleaning and maintenance, and should be cleaned regularly.

Screw Retained Denture

The third treatment option offered by Dr. Heaton is called a screw retained denture. During this procedure, five or more implants are placed into the lower jaw and a permanent denture is attached. The denture is held in place by these screws or clasps that firmly secure the denture in place with a support post. This type of denture does not touch the gum tissue, which allows patients to clean under the denture without removing the denture completely. This denture will not be removed except for at your maintenance visits. Patients who want a permanent denture prefer this option even though cleaning under the denture can be more troublesome and time consuming compared to the other denture options.

For Patients who are missing all of their upper teeth

Implant Retained Dentures - My Family Dentist Garland

We offer several treatment options for patients who are in need of an upper denture. The bones in the upper jaw are not as hard as the lower jaw, and often need more implants in order to retain a set of dentures.

Implant Retained Upper Denture

Depending on how many implants can be placed into your upper jaw, it is possible for us to create a denture which does not cover the roof of your mouth. This option allows the patient to taste their food normally and will allow for more overall sensory perception in your mouth and allows your denture to feel more like a natural set of teeth. This type of denture is removable and makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

Implant Benefits

  • Restores confidence
  • Provides comfortable and stable chewing
  • Keeps bones and gums healthy
  • Improved overall dental hygiene
  • Superior appearances

Dr. Heaton works closely with other involved dental specialists to effectively plan the best treatment schedule in order to restore your smile to better health.

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