Denture Exams and Maintenance

Denture Exams and Maintenance - My Family Dentist Garland

It is important to keep up with maintenance for your dentures, as they are a serious investment and require routine maintenance just like normal teeth. The fit of your dentures will greatly affect your overall oral health, and should not be left as an afterthought. If you have issues with the fit of your dentures, it is important to make an appointment so that the proper adjustments can be made before any damage takes place. If there are no emergencies, a yearly examination on your dentures will ensure that your dentures are fitting properly.

Medical and Dental History

Providing our office with an updated medical and dental history including any significant developments or changes in health is absolutely critical. Many medical conditions require specialized care and can alter the way that dentures fit.

Oral Exam

Annual exams at our office can help to uncover any issues with your dentures as well as any oral abnormalities including pre-cancerous lesions Early detections of these conditions alongside a multitude of other less serious medical conditions is beneficial for your overall health.

Tissue and Bone

Any issues with the fit of your dentures can has a serious impact on the health of the surrounding tissues and bones. It is important to come in for a visit as soon as you notice a change in the fit of your dentures.

Comfort, Fit, and Structural Integrity of your Dentures

There are many issues that can be a result of dentures with an improper fit including bite problems, speech impediments, and tissue irritation. Not dealing with the improper fit in a timely manner can lead to further complications in the future and possibly might cause the need for more evasive dental procedures. Dr. Heaton can help you avoid these issues by assessing any damage or movement early on before any problems develop.

Overview of Denture Exam

  • Any necessary updates on your medical and dental history charts
  • An oral examination
  • Tissue and bone assessment
  • Denture Stability and bite examination
  • Oral hygiene review
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