Denture Relines

Dentures are designed to fit tightly on the gum line at the time of your visit. However, gum tissues will change as they adjust to the dentures and will eventually cause your dentures to become loose and prone to movement. This is why the relining of dentures every 1 to 2 years is very important in order to maintain a proper fit for your dentures.

Hard Reline

Full dentures should be relined every two years. This procedure involves removing a layer of plastic from the interior surface of the dentures and then taking a mold with a putty-like material in order to get an impression of the new shape of your mouth. The denture is sent off to the lab where it can be adjusted to fit the new shape of your gum tissue. This sturdy fit will result in a more natural feeling and sturdier fit between the denture and your mouth.

Soft Reline

Some patients with tender gums or sore spots use a pliable and soft lining plastic which is softer and is less harsh on these tender areas of the mouth. This type of lining often needs to be replaced more often than an acrylic lining because of its soft nature, and generally needs to be relined every one to two years.

Temporary Relines

When dentures have not been serviced over a long period of time, patient’s gums might become red, swollen, or misshapen. When this occurs, it becomes very difficult and inaccurate to take impression of these swollen gums. Often the solution for this type of situation includes a temporary relining which will be removed after the swelling subsides.

Temporary, or palliative (medicated) reline materials might be recommended to give gum tissue time and room to heal after trauma or swelling. This reline will help the denture fit tightly, but is still soft and pliable, providing a gentle environment for the gums to heal in. After a few weeks this temporary reline can be removed and replaced with a normal, more permanent lining.

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