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Complete Dentures are a dental appliance used to replace natural teeth and to provide support of the cheeks and lips of the patient. Dentures are generally used for patients who have had tooth loss or extraction and need a replacement for their missing teeth.

There are several types of dentures which are used situationally depending on the patient’s needs.

  • Conventional Dentures are used when all teeth have been extracted and the gums have had time to heal normally.
  • Immediate Dentures are used just after the extraction of remaining teeth. These dentures allow for the gum tissue to heal underneath the dentures.
  • Upper Dentures encompass the upper teeth and also cover the roof of the mouth with a flesh colored-acrylic material.
  • Lower Dentures encompass the lower teeth and are designed in a horseshoe shape to leave room for the tongue.

The teeth on the dentures are made of plastic in order to make sure that they have a tooth-like texture and durability to stand up to normal chewing. These dentures can be fit on top of teeth that have undergone endodontic procedures, or can be fitted directly on top of the gums.

Dentures will require replacement over a long period of normal wear and tear in order to keep jaw alignment normal and to make sure that the dentures remain comfortable and functional. As your gum initially adjusts to the dentures, the alignment of your dentures and consequentially your jawline will change. This means that eventually your dentures will need to be replaced in order to maintain normal alignment and functionality. Remember that it is also important for the patient to maintain normal oral examinations to examine the gum tissues and to prevent disease.

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