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Dental Sealants - My Family Dentist Garland

Dental Sealants are generally used on patients that are having issues with tooth decay or are worried about protecting against future decay. This procedure applies a strong sealant to the grooves of the patient’s teeth in order to protect against enamel damage from invasion of plaque or acids. Our sealants are formed out of a tooth-colored resin coating which is practically non-noticeable and is strong enough to stand up to everyday chewing.

In addition to protecting against tooth decay, sealants also help to protect the grooves of your teeth from deep penetration of plaque and food particles that could not be reached from normal brushing and flossing.

Applying a sealant is a very simple and timely procedure which only takes a few minutes per tooth. The tooth-colored acrylic coating will last several years under normal chewing conditions before it needs replacement.

Dental sealants are a relevant procedure for any patient who has deep grooves, making it difficult to keep plaque and leftover food out of the depressions of their teeth. It is also helpful for any patient that has excessive tooth decay or is worried about future tooth decay. Sealants can be a useful preventative procedure for the longevity of your teeth.

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