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Our main goals for patients who are in need of crowns is to create a restoration which is undetectable, and is indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

In cases which involve extreme tooth damage which are non-repairable, Dr. Heaton is likely to use a type of porcelain to create a bright new smile. This technique is ideal for these types of dental situations in which damage is too severe to reverse, and can even be used to replace missing teeth entirely. The finished product is a restoration of a functional bite and healthy smile. My Family Dentist Garland is proud of the incredible transformations that have taken place in our office and the quality of our work. Our crown treatments are a long-lasting solution for patients who are struggling with major dental problems. Generally, our treatments last anywhere from 20 to 30 years depending on the level of dental maintenance and lifestyle of the patient.

Dental Crown Procedure

Creating a custom dental crown usually takes at least two visits to the office. The first visit involves the removal of decay from the teeth being treated and the preparation of the tooth for the dental crown. At the end of your first visit we will take a mold of the shaped tooth and fit a temporary crown on the tooth until your next visit.

On the second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the new crown will be place on the tooth. After we shape the final crown and fit it perfectly in place, we will cement the dental crown in place.

Main Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Restore missing teeth
  • Support for gums and other teeth
  • Natural appearance
  • Fixes existing smile and chewing issues

The Importance of Dental Crowns

Crowns and Bridges are a great solution for major dental issues which generally are a result of disease or accidents. The procedures offer a semi-permanent solution and allow you to keep a beautiful healthy smile regardless of your dental history. My Family Dentist Garland uses high quality porcelain (sometimes bonded to metal). Using these high quality materials is the ideal solution for serious dental issues where irreparable damage has taken place. Crowns can also be used a replacement for teeth which have been chipped or worn over a long period of time, and are a long-term solution providing stability and functionality.

Many people experience frequent pain in teeth (particularly back teeth) which have been filled previously. This pain is due to hairline cracking on the surface of the filling, which allows liquids and food to pass through and can cause damage. Crowns can assist in fixing these resolving the issues associated with fillings and can restore full dental function for the affected teeth. Old fillings can weaken teeth and cause issues relating to the appearance of your teeth because of staining or chipping. Dental crowns can also prevent cracking or breaking on teeth which have undergone root canals.

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