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In most situations, losing a tooth as an adult requires an action. All of your teeth are important for chewing, speaking and proper alignment and jaw support. Tooth loss doesn’t have to occur as you age, but if tooth loss does occur, it is important to replace these teeth in order to maintain proper functions in the mouth. We offer several options for correcting tooth loss.

One option for replacing missing teeth is dental bridges. Dental bridges are devices that attach artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth. Bridges can be permanently attached or they can be removable. Bridges are a great option for maintaining a natural look and sustaining proper jaw alignment and support.

Dental Bridge Options

Fixed Bridges are a “permanent” option for solving the problem of tooth loss. These bridges are applied by placing crowns on adjacent teeth or by bonding artificial teeth directly to the adjacent teeth.

Removable Bridges are attached to the teeth with a metal clasp or attachment and can be removed for cleaning. This can sometimes make the bridge easier to clean and maintain, but will be left in the mouth the majority of the time.

When you are missing one or more teeth, you begin to see some of the issues that arise. From daily functions like eating and speaking to appearance and overall dental health, your teeth are all important for a multitude of reasons. Missing teeth make all of these processes more difficult, and should be replaced. Fixed bridges are a good option for patients who are missing one or more teeth missing.

Should I use a Fixed or Removable Bridge?

Dr. Heaton will make suggestions to each individual patient regarding which type of bridge that they should be using. Generally speaking, fixed bridges are a more stable option for most patients. These bridges can only be removed by a dental professional. Removable bridges can be removed regularly for cleaning.

Why Are Bridges Important?

In short, oral functionality and appearance are the main reasons for using a bridge. Bridges will help with daily activities including talking and chewing. Loss of any back teeth can cause your mouth to sag and can make your face look older.

Dental health is of ultimate importance. When a tooth is missing, unusual stress is placed on other teeth. This can lead to a number of harmful disorders and can damage gum and oral tissue. A number of speech disorders can also result from missing teeth, as all of your teeth are an important part of forming sounds.

How Are Bridges Attached?

The attachment of your bridge usually takes two to three appointments. The first appointment includes the preparation of the teeth on either side of the gap where the missing tooth was. Dr. Heaton will remove a portion of the enamel and dentin in order to provide space for the bridge to fit securely onto the teeth.

On your first appointment after the initial consultation, impressions are taken of the segment of the teeth that will be included in the bridge in order to create an accurate mold for the lab to use. The lab will build a bridge with the correct precise bite.

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