Advanced Technology

My Family Dentist Garland uses the latest and most innovative technology to provide the best possible medical care for our patients.

Digital Imaging

Dr. Heaton understands the importance of digital imaging in the form of radiographs. Radiographs can be a useful tool for seeing more than Dr. Heaton can see with his own eyes. Applications for radiographs includes cavity detection, bone health, and bone level. This procedure can also be utilized for detection of nerve or root damage, diagnosing lesions and cysts, and assessing trauma damage.

While it is important not to use too many radiographs, they are an important part of maintaining dental health and uncovering underlying problems associated with tooth and root damage. Because Dr. Heaton utilizes Digital Imaging Technologies, radiograph exposure time is minimized by about 50 percent. This technology lends itself to many different uses, the most common one being the detection of cavities.

Digital Imaging also allows for easy storage and distribution of medical photos to other physicians such as endodontists or orthodontists.

Digital X-Rays

This method allows Dr. Heaton to precisely monitor x-ray photos on a computer monitor. Digital x-rays also result in 1/6th the radiation exposure compared to traditional x-ray machines.

Intraoral Camera

The process allows Dr. Heaton to view the inside of your mouth using a small camera in order to diagnose issues and to show patients still photos in real time. These photos can be displayed on a television or computer screen for easy access and viewing.

This practice helps to create a better understanding of a diagnoses during visits. This procedure is a very comfortable one, since the camera is only a few millimeters long, and allows Dr. Heaton to get a precise and clear view of the patient’s mouth, teeth, and gums, which can help to create a much more accurate diagnosis. These enlarged images help provide an enhanced medium for understanding the diagnoses and the potential root of the dental issue.

Intraoral images can be saved as dental records and can easily be distributed to other physicians such as endodontists or orthodontists. These photos can additionally be easily printed and kept for your records.

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