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Dental Prophylaxis is a professional cleaning treatment used to thoroughly clean and protect the teeth and gums. This treatment is vital for anyone who wants to prevent the progression of gingivitis to periodontal disease.

We recommend this treatment every 6 months for all of our patients because of its many benefits:

  • Plaque Removal – Plaque and tartar buildup on and below the gum line can cause serious periodontal issues. Even if you practice proper brushing habits and floss every day, it is impossible to remove all debris, bacteria, and deposits from gum pockets. Dr. Heaton can catch and deal with this type of buildup before it becomes damaging.
  • Cleaner Smile – This procedure can help to prevent discoloration which have a dramatic effect on your smile. Prophylaxis can remove unattractive stains and provides your teeth with a shining polish.
  • Fresh Breath – Halitosis (bad breath) is often an indication that there is gingivitis in the mouth. Prophylaxis can be an effective treatment to gingivitis and could fix your issues with bad breath. Plaque, calculus, and bacteria will be removed during this procedure and will have an impact on your overall dental health.

Dr. Heaton recommends that prophylaxis should be performed at our office twice annually. However, if you suffer from chronic periodontal disease, our office might recommend that you come in every 3-4 months for a deep cleaning. It is important to know that periodontal disease cannot be completely reversed, but the progression of these diseases can be halted or prevented through proper dental treatments.

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