Whitening or Cleaning?

Posted on May 3rd, 2017 by bevanheaton

At My Family Dentist Garland, I often get the question: “Will a cleaning make my teeth whiter?”  The answer to this: Maybe.  Let’s dig into this question a little more to find out when we need a cleaning or a whitening to brighten our smile.  To make this easier, I will break this up into two easy to read sections:

  1. When a cleaning will work: 
    1. Staining: We put a lot of stuff in our mouths and some of it will stain our teeth.  If you smoke, drink coffee or tea, drink soda, or any other dark colored liquid, there is a good chance that your discolored teeth may be brightened with a cleaning.
    2. Poor oral hygiene:  When we don’t take care of our mouths properly, build-up (tartar, plaque) can begin to form on our teeth.  This can cause our teeth to look yellow and sometimes black.  A cleaning (prophylaxis, scaling and root planing) from your dentist can bring back the beauty of your smile.
  2.  When a whitening is needed:
    1. Thinning enamel:  Enamel is the outer, or white, surface of our teeth.  As this thins, it exposes the inner, more yellow layer of our teeth called dentin.  This thinning can happen due to age, genetics, or excessive eating of acidic foods (i.e. lemons, limes).  Whitening should make your teeth shades whiter.
    2. Desire: Sometimes we want the “Hollywood Smile” for everyday life or for that special occasion (graduation, wedding, class reunion).  In this case, whitening will ensure your teeth are bright and white.

Your first step is to talk to your dentist to see which one of these options is your first step  Dr. Bevan Heaton of My Family Dentist Garland can help you get on your way to brighter whiter smile. (972) 696-9273. Call now.

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